Rock Solid Martial Arts

Courtesy - Integrity - Perseverance - Self Control - Indomitable spirit


All students are responsible to demonstrate their current rank and all previous rank self-defense moves if asked at each testing.

Footwork Diagrams:




1. Single Wrist Grabs

Break grip by rotating wrist/hand and pushing down. Always rotate away from partners thumb to help break grip. Bend elbow and step closer to increase strength of twist.

2. Double Wrist Grabs

Break grip by rotating wrist/hand and pushing down. Always rotate away from partners thumb to help break grip. Bend elbow and step closer to increase strength of twist.


1. Front Grab/Choke

Hand goes over and under partner’s arms and out by their wrist. (Snake move) Clap hands together and push partner’s hands away from throat or shoulders. Turn hips for more power. (Sparring Stance, Kiup)

2. Rear Double Shoulder Grab/Choke

Step backwards towards partner with right leg, while bringing the right arm up high over both partners arms to wrap them up (careful not to elbow partner when swinging arm), After arms are wrapped up tight, right foot should step to partners center (if not already there) and push partner away using your shoulder. (Sparring Stance, Kiup)

Yellow 2

1. Push from Side

Use arm closest to partner, quickly move hand to outside and parry inward to deflect both pushing arms before they make contact with shoulder. At same time step to side or on angle to partners weak side. 

2. Frontal Push

Bring hands together. Quickly move hands up and out to deflect partner’s arms to side. At the same time step to side away from incoming push.

(For Green and up add distraction move/strike when possible)
Examples: Fake Front Kick, Palm Strike, Loud Kiup


1. Hook Punch

Step towards partner, elbow/forearm cover block, counter with punch to body, step behind partner’s leg to reap knee for takedown, blocking arm grabs their striking arm to pull down as punch arm pushes partners shoulders to help takedown.

2. Bear Hug

Foot stomp for distraction, turn head away and drop center into horse stance to slide out of hug. Stay in horse stance for back elbow strikes, then step away for side kick or grab partners closest leg and raise up for takedown. (Sparring Stance, Kiup)

Green 2

1. Hook Punch

Step to inside of partner to intercept punch with twin block, slide closet arm to neck for forearm strike, grab partners arm and shoulder as you quickly sweep front leg using your back leg for takedown. Blue belts and up have option of hip throw for takedown.

Adult Students & Blue & Up: Submission Option: Hold onto partners arm after takedown and step towards them with your shin against their back. Step over their head with your other leg to pin them in place as you sit down (still holding their arm) once on the ground; squeeze thighs and bend their arm across for arm bar.

2. Headlock from Side

Using your hands create space from choke in order to tuck chin in towards gap in partners elbow. Next distraction strike to groin, foot stomp, or elbow. Immediately push partner’s elbow forward to slip out of headlock. Keep hold of arm for hammerlock position and push partner away, finish in sparring stance with kiup.

(For Blue and up add Counter/Distraction Strike when possible)
Ex. Palm Hand, Elbow, Quick Kick, etc..


1. Front Grab/Choke

Upward elbow strike between partner’s arms as other hand grabs/hits their elbow to bring head closer, snake arm to inside to direct their arm up. Elbow strike arm slides around head. Knee strike before directing their head down for takedown.

Submission Option: After takedown slide forward and pull their arm to force partners chest to floor. Keep control of their arm as you turn and sit back against them holding arm up for lock.

2. Rear Standing Choke

Grab partners choking arms and pull down to create breathing space. Pin their forearm (their choking arm) to your body. Step your leg/foot to the outside of their leg, turning into the choke, step other leg around to face opposite way (open the door) and immediately turn shoulder inward and dip down to throw partner.

Blue 2

1. Side Shoulder Grab

As same side arm grabs for partner’s hand, distraction strike, then turn partner’s wrist for an outside wrist lock. Other arm strikes at elbow or triceps to help roll their arm locked and apply pressure above elbow, making sure to step into partners center for optional back of knee strike takedown. Submission Option: Take partner’s chest into ground, controlling the arm sit down with upper back against partner for submission.

2. Mount Position (Ground Defense from Punches)

Cover Head for protection and buck to throw partner off balance, then grab/pin their arm to your body (grab elbow and/or shoulder), trap leg, and finally push opposite leg to flip over into guard position. Immediately downward palm to head followed by downward elbow strike to groin, solar plexus, or thigh. Stand Up

(For Brown and up add Finishing Strike, Takedown,
and/or Submission to all techniques) Ex. Choke, Armbar, Knee, Elbow, etc…


1. Straight Punch

Parry to outside, immediately slip punch and ridge hand to their neck using inside arm.
Quickly wrap arm around neck while stepping behind partner. Close of any gabs and grab your own hand to squeeze/choke.

2. Half Guard (Ground defense from punches)

Brown 2

1. Straight Punch

Parry/Block to outside (block, check, pin) Using partners momentum pivot back leg and take down chest first
Option for reversal:
Initial block hand strikes elbow, then slides over partner’s arm to trap and back elbow strike to head. Keep a hold of partner’s wrist and spin back leg outward to take down with figure four lock (left hand grabs your own forearm to lock tight.

Submission Option: Rear Naked Choke

2. Guard Position (Defense from punches in Guard)