Rock Solid Martial Arts

Courtesy - Integrity - Perseverance - Self Control - Indomitable spirit

Expectations placed upon the parent and/or students are as follows:

1. Monthly dues must be paid within the first week of each month.

2. Uniforms must be kept clean and neat. A t-shirt can be worn in place of the uniform top in standard weekly classes. T-shirts must be plain black, white, or martial arts design. Uniform top must be brought to each class. No tank tops or sleeveless shirts.
3. Never eat in your uniform or sit with the belt tied on. Treat it like church clothes!

4. Belt must be tied in a square knot with both ends equal in length. Children must eventually learn to tie their belts alone.

5. Students should answer the Instructor as “Yes Sir” or “No Sir” when given directions.

6. At no time should martial arts be used for offensive purposes or playground mayhem.

7. Students are expected to arrive on time for their class. Unless otherwise directed by the Head Instructor, students can only attend the class placed in.

Studio Open

The studio will be open 15 minutes prior to the beginning of classes for the day. Do not show up more than 15 minutes before the start of class. The doors may remained locked until 15 minutes before class.

Changing Room

Students can come to class in their uniform or change at the dojo. Students who want to change into their uniforms before class and into their street clothes after class may use bathroom.

The bathroom is not supervised. If your child is unable to change on his/her own then please accompany them or have your child change at home.

The instructors are not responsible for articles left in the bathroom. Please be sure all your valuables are kept in your gym bag and brought onto the floor with you.

Observation Area

The observation area is offered as a convenience to parents and guests of students. While class is going on this area needs to be kept quiet. Loud talking and disruptive sounds are distracting to the instructors and students.

Guests are to remain in the observation area at all times.

Parents may enter the training floor only with the permission of the class instructor. Parents should not distract their child while training.

Injuries & Medical Problems

Students who are injured outside of class or who have a medical problem that was not stated on the application form must notify the class instructor prior to the start of class. Parents of minor students must take responsibility to do this. Do not ask your child to relay this information. If you are not able to come into class please provide a written explanation of the injury and/or medical condition and what limits should be placed on your child’s activity. If the child’s doctor has provided a note describing the injury and limitations imposed, please provide a copy of this to the instructor.

If you are sick or currently in an infectious state with an ailment do not come to class.

Fingernails & Toenails

Fingernails and toenails should be neatly trimmed. This is a safety requirement meant to protect all students.